Albemarle Craftsman's Guild & Fair
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2016 Craftsmen
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Ken Attkisson
Kristen Anderson
Peggie Anderson
Dottie Ansell
Louise Barbarisi
Gregg & Elaine Barco
Valda Belyeu
Anne & Ryan Bradley
John Corbett
Jim Day
Laura DeNunzio
Joy Denton
Karen Farber
Linda Fraile
Kazuko Fuller
Gwen Harris
Jay Hartley
Don Hulcher
Faytie Johnston
Karen Jones
Anke Kelly
Richard Lasher
Bettie Lowe
Frank Miglore
Don Morris
Joanne Mullaney
Bob & Pat Murphy
Anna Okerlund
Susan Outlaw
Susan Owens
Reggie Parker
Susan Parker
Ashley Paz
Cheryl Paz
Jacqueline Pearce
Randy Phillips
Lisa Rohrssen
Judith Saunders
Eloise Schooley
Carolyn Sleeper
Donna Sneed
Ron Stevens
Chrissy Stocks
Sue Stokely
Jesse Vick
Jennifer Watt
Debbie White
Adam White
Kathy Whitley
Max Whitley
Tara Britton Wilkins
Sam & Cathy Windley
Lisa Winslow
Tim Witwer
Judy Wobbleton
Silver Jewelry
Copper Enameling
Glass Fusing, Lamp Work, Silver Smithing, Beadwork
Stools & Furniture
Jewelry - Metal Work, Wire Wrapping, Ceramic Pendants
Functional Stoneware Pottery
Handmade Cypress Birdhouses
Flamework Beads
Traditional Handmade Baskets & Felt Items
Egg Art, Polymer Clay Jewelry
Spinning, Weaving, Knitting
Wire Art
Fabric Purses and Bags, Jellies and Jams
Segmented Wood Turning, Laminated Woodworking
Copper & Glass Jewelry & Decorations
Egg Art & Jewelry
Fused Glass Jewelry
Wooden Toys, Jewelry Boxes, Etc.
Sterling Silver & Copper Jewelry
Segmented Turning, Pens
Fused Glass Jewelry
Chain Maille & Wire Wrapped Jewelry
Armenian Needlelace
Armenian Needlelace, Quilting
Hand Painted Silk Scarves
Boat Replicas
Stained Glass
Fiber & Needle Arts
Bath & Body Products, Knitting & Crochet
Handcrafted Bags, Clutch, Tote, Cosmetic, Etc.
Custom Fishing Rods & Fly Tying
Sterling Silver & Copper Jewelry
Mixed Media Contemporary Baskets
Egg Art, Beading, Polymer Clay, Wire Work
Functional & Whimsical Pottery & Jewelry
Fine Silver Jewelry
Decoys & Waterfowl Carvings
Flame Worked Glass Ornaments & Sculptures
Egg Art
Segmented Bowls, Scroll Saw Ornaments
Egg Art
Cloth Dolls
Log Sculptures
Stoneware Pottery
Art Jewelry of Metal Work Enamels & Lace
Sterling Silver Jewelry
Felting, Batik, Embroidery & Silk Dyeing
Burl Wood Sculpture
Handmade Baskets, Ornments, Etc.
Craft Workshop