• Kristen Anderson
  • Peggie Anderson
  • Dorothy Ansell
  • Louise Barbarisi
  • Gregg and Elaine Barco
    Seagrass stools, caning, baskets, furniture
  • Anne and Ryan Bradley
    Functional Stoneware Pottery
  • John Corbett
    Cypress bird houses and bird feeders
  • Jim Day
  • Laura DeNunzio
    Fused glass, torchwork, handmade cards
  • Karen Farber
    Egg art, miniatures, jewelry
  • Randy Farber
    Lathe turnings
  • Star Fleming
    Porcelain and Fabric Doll Artistry
  • Kazuko N. Fuller
    Twisted wire art, jewelry
  • Jerucha Gervin
    Hand knitted toys and wreaths, sewn bibs
  • Gwen Harris
    Jams, jellies, sewn items
  • Jay Hartley
  • Sandra Hendee
    Hand knitted toys and wreaths, sewn bibs
  • Don Hulcher
  • Faytie Johnston
  • Karen Jones
    Egg art, jewelry
  • John and Debbie Kielwein
    Wood turning, laser cutting, and engraving
  • Richard Lasher
    Wooden boxes and toys
  • Bettie G. Lowe
    Sterling silver, copper, and enameled jewelry
  • Nel McLawhorn
    Natural soaps with botanicals and beeswax
  • Frank Miglorie
  • Susan Outlaw
  • Susan Owens
    Hand painted silk scarves, stream set dyes
  • Ashley Paz
    Knit, crochet, and sewn gifts for kids
  • Cheryl Paz
    Goat milk soaps and baby products
  • Caleb Paz
  • Jacqueline Pearce
    Assortment of bags
  • Marcia Phillips
    Stained glass, foil and leaded glass etching and carving
  • Randy Phillips
    Custom fishing rods, fly tying
  • Linda Robinson
    Bead weaving, loom work, and kumihimo jewelry
  • Judith Saunders
    Contemporary basketry
  • Mack Sawyer
    Shorebirds, duck decoys on driftwood, signs
  • Eloise Schooley
    Eggery, beading, jewelry, polymer clay
  • Carolyn Sleeper
    Pottery and jewelry
  • Donna Sneed
    Fine silver jewelry
  • Ron Stevens
    Waterfowl carvings, decoys, shorebirds
  • Chrissy Stocks
    Flame worked glass ornaments and gifts
  • Sue Stokely
    Egg art and polymer clay
  • Jennifer Watt
    Egg art
  • Debbie White
    Soft cloth dolls
  • Kathy Whitley
    Stoneware pottery
  • Max Whitley
    Fine leather belts
  • Sam and Cathy Windley
    Sterling silver jewelry
  • Timothy Witwer
    Hand carved burls (wood)
  • Judy Wobbleton
  • Debra Zimmerman
    Bead weaving, loom work, and kumihimo jewelry