You must be a member of the Albemarle Craftsmans Guild to participate in the Albemarle Craftsman’s Fair. Prospective members should submit a membership application along with three or more pieces of work that best represent the craft area for which the application is made. (Slides and pictures are not accepted.) A Standards Committee will judge the submitted work samples during two separate screening dates per year, February 15 and May 15. The Standards Committee includes individuals who are familiar with the craft forms submitted, and the committee makeup changes according to the types of submissions at each screening. (NOTE: As a craftman’s guild, we do not accept fine art of any type.)

Those accepted in the Guild may participate in the Fair, which is held in late October each year. Work does not have to be re-juried unless (1) the member changes or adds to the craft category, (2) the member has not participated in one fair in the first two years of membership,  or (3) the member’s dues are not current.

Membership Application